Your go-to shoe for wherever you have to go to…

Inspired by the warm, calm sea-side lifestyle of the Eastern Coast of Australia, two soles. is a contemporary shoe label designed by two podiatrists.

The label was created with the vision to design, engineer and craft leather sandals that not only look good, but will support your feet and keep them comfortable no matter what adventure unfolds.

For this reason, each and every single pair of sandals have been designed thoughtfully, with a supportive footbed; styling you effortlessly from morning to sundown, and every step in between.

two soles footbed arch support

Our Founders

two soles. was founded in the summer of 2018 by podiatrists and footwear designers Anna Young and Claire Anning in the East Coast of Australia. They became close friends in high school, and had a shared dream of creating a healthy, balanced lifestyle they truly love. 

They were inspired to design footwear that would enhance women’s life rather than make it more complicated. They wanted to create shoes not only for them and how they live their lives, but for their friends, colleagues, sisters, aunts and daughters, for how they live their lives too.

They believe that good shoes shouldn’t be a maze, or take precious energy away from where you really want to spend it - on your travels, in the sand, with your friends and chasing after your littlies. Good shoes aren’t about work - they should just work. 

With this philosophy, Anna and Claire invested years studying podiatry and becoming experts in the footwear industry, before deep-diving into business together. Finally, they have created the perfect two soles. footbed, which is intricately layered within their timeless and effortlessly stylish sandal designs.