Take care of me so I can take care of you...

two soles. are handcrafted from natural materials to enhance your lifestyle. This means that each piece is unique to you and will differ slightly in appearance. So they can keep their unique footprint and do their job to support you, please look after them by following the below care instructions.

Step 1 | Wear me in slowly 

Our shoes need some time to get to know you. This is because our unique podiatrist-designed footbeds have support you may not be used to. Until you get to know each other better, wear your new shoes in slowly so your body can adjust and they can do the same. This will allow them to mold to your foot shape so they can support you the best they can.

Wear them in for 1 hour a day, increasing this time gradually (approximately an extra hour) each day for the first 2 weeks. After this you can wear them all day, everyday!

Step 2 | Protect me 

Suede leather: Suede shoes are an investment and need to be treated delicately. Before the first wear, make sure to use a protective suede water resistant spray. We recommend using - Jason Markk Repel. 

Smooth leather: To protect the vegetable dyed smooth leather, make sure to apply a protective, water-resistant spray before your first wear. You can re-apply water-protectors every 4-6 weeks. Remember to dry naturally away from direct sunlight.  

Step 3 | Keep me clean

Suede leather: To clean suede leathers and remove any marks, you can use a delicate suede brush. Suede revivers or shampoos are also available to restore its natural beauty. Make sure to read any product instructions carefully before use. 

Smooth leather: To keep clean and looking new you can use a soft, damp cloth to wipe away any dirt/sand. We also recommend using beeswax or other alternative leather conditioners to help the shoe retain their original beauty (beeswax keeps leather stain-free, soft and supple). This can be applied every 2-4 weeks. Remember to dry naturally away from direct sunlight.